WC2022 football pool MS Excel

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Wk2022 Excel football pool program.

With the football pool program of VMP-Online you can easily set up a friend or company pool with which the World Cup football can provide extra entertainment. And because it has to be kept up to date by yourself, you can fill in the results as an administrator, this is also much more fun than via an online website, where the question is where the data remains and therefore delivered to the website. I give support as far as I can and can give limited wishes such as your logo in the participant form.

Number of program features:

In addition to the management program (VMP Excel poule 2022… . xls) there is an Excel form that can be filled in by participants. The participant can (Participant_filling… . xls) then send it to the administrator. The administrator loads the list into the main file.

The participant form can be filled in in 2 ways. Via forms, where the position is also displayed. For this, macros are required (vba) and the participant must allow them. However, it is also possible to fill in everything directly on a sheet via selection menus. Macros are not needed for this. In this way it is almost possible for every Excel user to fill in a list that can be loaded with the management program.

Filling in without using VBA via sheet (left) Filling in using VBA via forms (right)

  • Password to grant limited access in the administration program (via main menu).
  • Lists can be filled in with the management program itself.
  • Lists of participants can be deleted.
  • Lists of participants can be viewed, whereby the actual results and the points scored are visible via tip texts.
  • Total overview with participant and total points (sheet).
  • Points settings can be changed.
  • Actual scores can be entered and changed.
  • Automatic calculation of positions (Update)
  • Logos / background images can be loaded.
  • Questions can be adjusted. (Answer form must remain the same) contact VMP-Online for more info.